Our product, Staex, has two components: StaexMCC (Mesh Companion Container) and StaexD (Staex Daemon).
Both are designed to be fully peer-to-peer and run on resource constrained devices, like industrial IoT and robots.
StaexMCC (Networking)
MCC is your industrial-grade VPN. MCC provides an overlay network for all robots and clouds that enables full connectivity between applications running on nodes within the network. The connection is reliable, encrypted and fully transparent for the applications.
Secure certificate-based public key infrastructure
Reduced network
Distributed service
MCC is designed to provide reliable connectivity over unreliable networks. Thanks to state-of-the-art congestion control algorithms and distributed architecture, MCC provides the best performance, even for networks with high packet loss.

Staex provides TCP and UDP tunneling for your applications behind NAT or firewall. Any two nodes from the MCC network can talk to each other directly over a single port.
Staex provides end-to-end key-based encryption for all connections within the MCC network. We use certificates to alleviate key distribution problems for large scale deployments.
Staex does not require application developers to implement custom interfaces or protocols: any standard TCP client/server connections can be established via MCC.

Staex provides a fully distributed service registry with automatic load balancing for complex application deployments.
StaexD (Orchestration)
StaexD is the ultimate solution for orchestrating single-board computers in large scale distributed systems. StaexD allows you to deploy applications (native or containerized), automate software and firmware updates, and remotely manage the whole system. StaexD allows for the management of large systems as simply as local clusters.
StaexD was built for single-board computers from the start. It has a small resource footprint and can run applications natively, if containers are too heavy-weight for your computers.
Designed for single-board computers
Fully distributed and decentralized
StaexD is fully distributed, fully decentralized, and has no single point of failure. It provides continuous and reliable execution of applications
and services, even if a large number of nodes go offline simultaneously.
Built for automation
StaexD puts the whole distributed system at
your fingertips: with REST API and command
line client you can automate any fleet management
Technical Advantages
Multi-party IoT Networks
Safely deploy native or containerized applications over a network shared by multiple partners without complex integrations.
Intelligent Service Discovery
Devices can resolve services and communicate directly with each other across firewalls, NATs, and between different cloud providers. No centralized proxy is needed, and everything is peer-to-peer.
Device & Environment Agnostic
Bring your own device, server, or cloud environment into a Staex network. Staex runs on most hardware and operating systems out of the box.
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