Staex is an (I)IoT-ready VPN optimized for mobile networks plus service orchestrator. With Staex you run your applications directly on your devices and collect the data directly to your server. Staex was designed with mobile networks and IoT devices in mind. As such it has low mobile data usage, low resource consumption and provides state-of-the-art encryption for your mission-critical data.

Optimized for mobile networks
Low idle data usage, low packet size overhead
Up to 1.7 EUR cost savings on data usage per device.
Up to 10 times smaller idle data usage compared to peer-to-peer VPNs.
Robust connections over unreliable networks
Staex maintains client connections even when underlying connection is broken (e.g. roaming between base stations or operators).
Optimized for resource-constrained IoT devices
Support for a wide range of devices and operating systems
  • Architecture: MIPS-32, x86-64, ARM-32, ARM-64
  • OS: Linux, Android, OS X
  • Pre-built OS image for RUT956 router
Small binary size, low resource usage
  • 2 MiB binary size, 10 MiB memory usage.
  • Runs on the router with 16 MiB disk space and 128 MiB RAM.
Application containers for IoT
Deploy your own application containers on tiny IoT devices
  • ModBus-TCP gateway, CAN-over-IP gateway, GPS gateway, any custom telemetry.
Advanced container orchestration
  • No master node: deploy your applications from any node to any other node.
  • Select nodes by arbitrary tags and key-value resources, tag-based deployment.
Built with security and robustness in mind
End-to-end encryption
Each node's public key is also its address in the network.
All the traffic can only be decrypted by the receiver node
Fully-distributed and decentralized
Fully-distributed orchestrator: no coordinator node, no control plane. Fully-distributed peer-to-peer VPN.
Single point of failure is eliminated by having multiple bootnodes.
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