Staex is a zero-trust network for IoT devices that

  • cuts your mobile data costs,
  • assigns a unique address to each IP camera, EV charger and any other node that can not run a VPN,
  • runs on the smallest resource-constrained Linux-based devices,
  • uses state-of-the-art cryptography to protect you mission-critical data.

Get started

Staex diagram.


  • Geeny logo.


    Discover how Staex integrates with Geeny by Telefónica. Learn more…

  • Snow blower.


    Discover how Staex implements fleet management with geotrackers. Learn more…

Use cases

  • Drone.


    • Securely tunnel MAVLink2, CANbus, RTSP/RTMP traffic.
    • Eliminate the need for MAVProxy, UDPProxy.

    Learn more…

  • EV charger.

    EV chargers

    • Get valuable insights from Modbus data.
    • Securely tunnel Modbus, DNS, NTP traffic.

    Learn more…

  • City of Aachen dashboard.

    Smart cities

    • Manage federated multi-tenant networks with ease.
    • Save up to 70% on maintenance costs.

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  • World map.

    Federated network

    • Securely expose your devices to the public.
    • Manage data access by multiple parties.

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  • Apps connecting via a tunnel.

    Zero-trust architecture

    Modern alternative to perimeter-based security.

    • Encrypt legacy protocols (DNS, NTP, RTSP, ModBus).
    • Hide real IP addresses of your IoT devices in the field.
    • Address nodes by their public keys.
  • Idle data usage, MiB/month.

    Low data usage

    Save up to €1.7 per device per month on mobile data costs.

  • Batteries included

    • Built-in fully distributed, end-to-end encrypted DNS.
    • Built-in fully distributed SSL CA.
    • All set up in minutes.
  • Graph going up.

    High performance

    Ever wanted to run 10k nodes without buying expensive hardware?

  • Surveillance camera.

    Ultimate connectivity for IoT devices

    Make IP cameras, EV chargers and other sensors first-class citizens of your private network.

  • Tunnel.

    End-to-end encryption

    Do not trust intermediate nodes.

More information

  • Shield.


    Learn about state-of-the-art security upon which the product is built.

  • Spreadsheet.

    Technical specs

    Learn how Staex runs on the smallest Linux-based devices.

  • Trail.


    Discover our future plans!

  • Software manual book.


    Dive into Staex before installing the software.