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  • Greenbox logo.

    Monitor EV chargers. Get important data via ModBus.

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    regio iT

    Simplify multi-tenant network management. Reduce maintenance cost by 70%.


  • Melita logo.


    Leading provider of worldwide IoT connectivity services.

  • Lisk logo.


    Open-source web3 application platform designed for interoperability with sidechains.

  • Spyrosoft logo.


    International company that has been offering comprehensive software development services since 2016.

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    Vantage towers

    Leading tower company operating more than twenty thousand cell towers across Europe.

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    EVA labs

  • The Drivery logo.

    The Drivery

    Marketplace and makerspace for pioneers of tomorrow's mobility.

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    Tower Automation Alliance

    Devoted to the creation of a standard for the automation of critical infrastructure management on telecommunications.

  • Peaq logo.


    The blockchain for real-world applications.

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    Paymenttools bundles all the functions you need for smooth payment transactions.

  • Atrebo logo.


    Atrebo develops TREE, solution for the digital transformation in asset management of critical infrastructures.

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    GATEWAY49 is the first and only startup accelerator in Schleswig—Holstein which aims to promote startups, innovations, and startup ecosystem in a sustainable way.

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    IoT Stars

    A community of IoT professionals sharing knowledge at exclusive events since 2015

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  • IntellIoT logo.