Staex and Lisk join forces for Drone Infrastructure Payment Innovation


Staex is embarking on a journey with the Lisk Accelerator to build Web3 platform for drones.

Empowering Drone Industry Stakeholders through Seamless and Secure Payment Solutions.

Berlin, 16 August 2023Staex is embarking on a journey with the Lisk Accelerator, an esteemed platform supporting visionary entrepreneurs and developers who are shaping the future of Web3 applications using the Lisk SDK — an open-source software development kit which enables developers to build scalable blockchain applications.

The Lisk Accelerator's commitment to fostering innovation aligns perfectly with Staex's mission. Our project, RISE (dRone InfraStructure paymEnts), is set to transform the drone industry's payment landscape, and the support of the Lisk Accelerator will undoubtedly amplify our impact.

The vision behind RISE fuels our passion and determination to redefine the possibilities of drone infrastructure and revolutionize the way we think about payments in the emerging field of drone technology.

Staex is honored to be an official Lisk Accelerator participant. This platform empowers us to accelerate the development of our web3 application with unwavering support from the ecosystem team at all hours. In addition, we're excited to collaborate with external experts who will provide invaluable insights on tokenomics, branding, go-to-market strategy, and more.

One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is our journey toward integrating RISE with the Lisk mainnet. With the guidance and resources offered by the Lisk Accelerator, we're confident that we'll achieve this milestone and unlock new frontiers in the world of drone infrastructure payments.

At Staex, we are driven by the belief that technology should not only solve problems but also create new opportunities and value for all stakeholders involved. With RISE, we see an incredible opportunity to transform the drone industry and unlock untapped potential.


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