Secure your devices in the field now.

Staex is easy to install, operate and is secure by default.

Staex public network (free tier) lets you experience the full power of the technology, and is more secure than some private networks thanks to its zero-trust architecture.

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Why Staex?

Staex is a zero-trust public/private network for IoT devices that

  • prohibits any traffic unless device owner specifies otherwise,
  • hides real IP addresses of the devices through its multi-hop architecture, and
  • uses devices' public keys as their network addresses.

Get started   Why Staex?

Do you still use cloud to manage your IoT devices?

Cloud services centralize device management and data storage.

If the service provider's security is breached, the attacker will get access to all of your devices and data.

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Do you still use a VPN to access your IoT devices?

VPNs provide only perimeter-based security.

Breaching the perimeter gives an attacker access to the whole system.

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Are your devices secure?

DNS data exfiltration, DDoS, legacy unencrypted protocols, geolocation tracking.

All these vulnerabilities have a devastating impact on businesses.

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