High performance

We did a benchmark to estimate how many nodes Staex can handle. In this benchmark we launched one Staex node on cloud node A and 12k Staex nodes on cloud node B. All of these nodes were connected to the first one. Then we measured memory usage of each cloud node and how much time is needed to bootstrap the network, i.e. to reach fully operational state.

Network startup time, s.

System configuration

  • 2 cloud nodes.
  • CPU: AMD EPYC (16 cores).
  • RAM: 32 GiB.
  • Cloud node 1: one Staex node (bootnode).
  • Cloud node 2: 12800 Staex nodes (800 nodes per processor core, 12800 Linux processes in total).

Memory usage

  • Cloud node 1: 25 MiB
  • Cloud node 2: 6 GiB (0.48 MiB per Staex node).