Secure your mission-critical geolocation data

StaexFleet is a fleet management system based on geolocation trackers.

StaexFleet delivers geolocation data directly to your servers over a secure end-to-end encrypted tunnel.

  • Route all traffic data from GPS devices over an end-to-end encrypted VPN.
  • Get geolocation data from any device in a standard format.
  • Store your data on your servers.

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StaexFleet diagram.


No vendor lock-in

  • We work with any devices that transmit geolocation data over mobile networks.
  • The data is routed and encrypted using a VPN.

No cloud

  • We send the data directly to your servers via HTTPS POST.
  • The data from all devices is converted to a common JSON format.

What is included

  • Staex license (StaexFleet tier). Contact us to get pricing.
  • SIM-Card to be used in the device modem. Pricing.
  • License for 10 year usage of Secure Gateway service. (This license will be renewed by 1 year as long as SIM-Card is in use.)
  • The device itself.

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