Staex is in top 3 at Paris Blockchain Week, showcasing the future of web3 technology


Staex solidifies their 3rd place as a leading Web3 project at the largest blockchain conference in Europe.

Alexandra's on the stage.
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Staex solidifies their 3rd place as a leading web3 project at the largest blockchain conference in Europe.

Staex has been honored with an award by the Web3 Foundation, achieving a top-three position during the Paris Blockchain Week. The conference is the largest blockchain conference in Europe, bringing together over 10,000 attendees, 300+ sponsors, and 400+ speakers. The event served as an avenue for prominent industry players, leaders, and game-changers in the blockchain and Web3 space to network and showcase innovative projects.

The "Start in Block" startup pitch competition, one of the highlights of the event, presented the most innovative and promising Web3 projects across 45 countries and 30 Web3 segments. A panel of prominent investors representing over $10 billion in assets under management provided detailed feedback and observed ten pre-selected startups present their pitches on the main stage. At the end, three winners were selected by the juries: Staex, Bubblemaps, and Xverse App.

According to Emmanuel Fenet, CEO of Paris Blockchain Week, The interest and progress in the space was electric and could be felt throughout the week—the industry is maturing and that was on display. This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk, CEO of Staex, who said, We are honored to have been recognized by such a distinguished group of investors and peers at the Paris Blockchain Week. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to building innovative blockchain solutions that drive positive change in the industry.

Thanks to the competition, Staex has been selected to participate in the Meet The Drapers show. This is a fantastic opportunity for innovative ideas from around the world to pitch for direct investment from Tim Draper. As a winner of the competition, Staex has gained exposure to a select group of global investors, granting them valuable access to industry leaders for potential partnerships. Additionally, Staex has received useful software credits and amazing media exposure.

Staex is grateful for this recognition, and will remain committed to developing innovative solutions that drive the growth and development of the blockchain industry.

Images © Paris Blockchain Week.
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Staex is a secure public network for IoT devices that can not run a VPN such as smart meters, IP cameras, and EV chargers. Staex encrypts legacy protocols, reduces mobile data usage, and simplifies building networks with complex topologies through its unique multi-hop architecture. Staex is fully zero-trust meaning that no traffic is allowed unless specified by the device owner which makes it more secure than even some private networks. With this, Staex creates an additional separation layer to provide more security for IoT devices on the Internet, also protecting other Internet services from DDoS attacks that are usually executed on millions of IoT machines.

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