Greenbox Mobile Energy and Staex Launch Off-Grid EV Charging Station at 24 Autohof in Lutterberg


Greenbox Mobile Energy and Staex Launch Off-Grid EV Charging Station at 24 Autohof in Lutterberg

On 13.10.2023, Greenbox Mobile Energy and Staex celebrated a significant milestone in their partnership — the launch of the EV charging station pilot project at the 24 Autohof in Lutterberg, Germany. The partnering companies have built a secure and fully mobile charging infrastructure that will provide green off-grid solutions for both electric vehicle charging and hydrogen fueling across Europe.

The strategic cooperation kicked off in January 2023. After 6 months of developing software and building hardware, Greenbox has been stationed in Lutterberg doing tests with a charger and battery welcoming travelers along the A7 to experience the new technology. Greenbox uses an innovative container solution via which a decentralized energy supply is provided at various locations. The electrical energy storage units with a capacity of 400 kWh to 2.2 MWh that are connected directly to hyperchargers with a capacity of over 300 kW per charging point charge electric vehicles not only quickly and efficiently but also in a secure way.

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Staex: Security Inside

The only way to build and sustain a reliable IoT network is to put data security first. Staex's expertise in secure and stable connectivity will ensure that our customers can rely on our service, even in areas with unreliable networks, says Dr. Henning Heppner, the CEO of Greenbox Mobile Energy, explaining the choice of Staex.

For the first time, Staex provides highly secure and reliable IoT infrastructure for an operating energy appliance delivering reliable, distributed mobile EV charging.

Greenbox uses Staex to remotely access, manage and monitor mobile EV chargers and batteries deployed in off-grid locations. Each charger and each battery is attached with the router that runs Staex software. The router connects to the charger/battery via ModBus interface that is securely tunneled over Staex network to the backend server, and the backend server can directly control each battery/charger, track its GPS coordinates and perform IT maintenance tasks (e.g. install OS security updates).

Other companies provide only VPNs which data usage is too high for mobile networks. We provide both the VPN specifically optimized for low data usage (almost silent when idle) and resource-constrained devices, and the platform to run industry-specific applications directly on the devices.

Greenbox operates a mobile EV charging grid that has comparable characteristics to a stationary one, but does not depend on the power grid. It is easy to relocate mobile chargers and to deploy them in a remote off-grid location thus creating opportunities to find new customers and get additional revenue.

If you are running a network of IoT devices (industrial IoT, EV chargers, drones robots, automotive etc.), consider using Staex VPN to secure the communication over the Internet, reduce mobile data usage and maintenance costs.

We offer one month for free to test our product and will be glad to help you with the installation. Please register at or drop us a message at


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About Staex

Staex GmbH is an award-winning software company based in Berlin. Established in 2019, Staex had been excubated from Deutsche Telekom and provides a unique software-defined infrastructure consisting of a secure overlay network and service orchestrator. Their solutions empower businesses to run software seamlessly, operate geographically distributed and fully decentralized infrastructure, and leverage the benefits of IoT and Industry 4.0 innovations. Staex's contributions have been acknowledged through prestigious awards such as the Deep Tech Award by the Berlin Senate, Winner Security in the Innovation World Cup, and runner up of Paris Blockchain Week.

About Greenbox Mobile Energy

Greenbox Mobile Energy is a young and dynamic company in the field of renewable energies with headquarters in Berlin and branches in Lower Saxony and Upper Austria. The company develops an AI-based distribution system of innovative battery storage and hydrogen solutions that enable a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply. Greenbox Mobile Energy's mobile and flexible container solutions provide a decentralized and self-sufficient energy supply for various locations. The company works closely with PV and wind power plant operators to ensure optimal use of renewable energy and drive the energy transition.