Staex and Detecon strengthen their strategic partnership to enable the Automotive industry to make a move from manufacturing vehicles to offering a digital mobility experience.

Combining the expertise from business, consulting and technology Staex and Detecon are offering an IoT enabled solution for M2M Communication.
The Automotive industry is entering a new data-centric age. Manufacturers and service providers stand to gain tremendously through significantly improved customer insights, efficiency gains and the opportunity to adopt new data-driven business models. A well-functioning connected vehicle system, typically composed of in vehicle components such as head- and telematics units as well as a remote cloud backend, is a key prerequisite to achieve these benefits.

To fulfil these goals – OEMs can either invest in custom implementations or focus on procuring existing platform products, such as Staex has to offer and Detecon is currently developing together with T-Systems Connected Mobility, to deliver the necessary functionalities and solutions to the clients according to their exact requirements. The advantages of such a platform are rather clear-cut. Automotive OEMs receive an agreed upon scope based on a fixed pricing model, i.e. via user or vehicle licenses or an all-in fee. The functional scope is available for direct usage, as the necessary components have already been developed. By managing multiple automotive clients, Staex allows OEMs to benefit from economies of scale (i.e. lower prices) without having to engage in strategic alliances with other connected vehicle providers.


Staex provides a back-end system to enable efficient yet highly resilient infrastructure for the EV-charging stations. For example, for "plug and charge" stations, the EV first authenticates itself, once the authentication process is done, the station will bill the car's owner the consumed power automatically, with no human interaction.


The car can constantly, in real time, write its status to the blockchain, and the records will be public and impossible to tamper with. These records can be anonymised so that no personally identifiable information is stored while still being retrievable if it is necessary. Also, since the information is being shared in real time, it could even be used to detect, analyse and even prevent accidents, potentially saving many lives. On top, Staex-based protocol enables low latency communication saving a huge portion of the bandwidth through direct machine-to-machine communication.


Cities can also use vehicle information to reduce traffic congestion by implementing programs such as carpools and ride-sharing. Having vehicles and cities to exchange information will allow the creation of new and innovative solutions to today's urban problems. Even incentivization for the end-users can be an attractive approach to influence the daily habits in a positive way from a sustainable perspective and reduce the carbon footprint at the same time with the help of IoT enabled products and functionalities.

Tomal Ganguly, Paksy Plackis-Cheng and Wolfgang Krämer at the Hannover Messe in June 2022
By strengthening the strategic partnership between Staex and Detecon, new opportunities are opening up for Staex for being part of Detecon's tech education and solutions to the Automotive industry vertical and beyond and as well defining new business models at a new scale which will support the development and implementation of sustainable digital solutions across various industry sectors.


Detecon Consulting is a leading, globally active management and technology consultancy headquartered in Cologne, Germany which has been combining classic management consulting with high technology competence for more than 40 years. Furthermore, Detecon Consulting is a subsidiary of T-Systems International GmbH and acts as the spearhead of T-Systems' digitisation business as a pioneer for digital transformation. Detecon helps companies from all sectors of the economy to adapt their business models and operational processes to the competitive conditions and customer requirements of the digitalised, globalised economy using state-of-the-art communications and information technology. Detecon's know-how bundles the knowledge gained from successfully completed consulting projects in more than 160 countries.


Staex GmbH is a deep tech startup that provides a unique first in the world distributed infrastructure with secure networking between devices and services, a secure blockchain backbone, and the freedom to install software where use cases need it. Right now, Staex is used by its mobility customers as a 5x faster, more secure and more flexible alternative to VPN for building connectivity solutions to enable them to setup connections to their devices in manufacturing or warehouse locations within days for data telemetry and device update services, and also for broader vehicle to vehicle communication use cases. Staex provides a web3-based and distributed alternative to VPN.

Staex is based in Berlin and was founded in 2019. In 2021 Staex was honored with the Deep Tech Award by the Berlin Senate in recognition of remarkable deep tech innovations in the area of IoT and Industry 4.0.

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