RISE (dRone InfraStructure paymEnts)
Bridging IoT Web2 to Web3 Infrastructure for Secure Lisk Blockchain Payments
In an increasingly interconnected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we interact with our surroundings. However, the existing infrastructure, often referred to as Web2, presents challenges in terms of data security, interoperability, and efficient transactions.

Staex — a web3-ready machine data infrastructure provider — and its partners are deploying, for the first time in Germany, a new generation of drone infrastructure — a drone corridor between commercial center Tempelhofer Hafen and mobility workspace The Drivery.

Staex provides secure and reliable communication for all the ground stations via its flagship private P2P mesh network software layer, allowing the drones operating with patented technology equipped with military-grade end-to-end encryption, certificate-based trust, reliable communication over unreliable underlying networks, IoT device identity management and more.

The underlying idea of the project is to monetize drone ground stations. Each time a drone lands and takes off the drone owner pays a fee to the drone infrastructure provider (EVA) and the provider shares a portion of the fee with the land provider (TowCo). This helps create new revenue streams for land providers.

The missing piece of the whole picture is payment infrastructure. Doing micropayments over web2 would ruin the business model because of the high per-transaction fees. Staex wants to bridge the IoT web2 to web3 infrastructure and make payments over a Lisk-powered blockchain blockchain. The aim of the project is to build a prototype that implements the new business model and proves feasibility of the approach.

Staex proposes a multifaceted solution that bridges the gap between IoT's Web2 and Web3 infrastructure. By implementing blockchain technology, Staex ensures secure data communication, interoperability, and introduces a streamlined payment mechanism through the Lisk blockchain. Staex's user-friendly interface empowers IoT developers to integrate their devices into the Web3 ecosystem seamlessly, while leveraging the power of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Seamless Integration
Staex aims to seamlessly integrate IoT devices and systems into the Web3 ecosystem, enabling efficient and secure communication between devices on a decentralized network.
Enhanced Data Security
The project intends to address the security concerns of IoT data by leveraging blockchain technology, enhancing data integrity, privacy, and reducing the risks of unauthorized access.
Web3 Adoption

Staex seeks to promote the adoption of Web3 technologies by providing a user-friendly interface for IoT device manufacturers and developers to harness the power of decentralized applications and smart contracts.
Lisk Blockchain Payment Solutions
By enabling payments over the Lisk blockchain, Staex intends to revolutionize the way financial transactions are conducted within the IoT realm, facilitating quicker, transparent, and cost-effective payment processes.
Enhanced Security
Staex's solution mitigates data security concerns by leveraging the immutability and transparency of blockchain, safeguarding IoT communications from unauthorized access.
Staex enables devices from different manufacturers to communicate and collaborate effectively, breaking down silos within the IoT landscape.
Efficient Payments
By utilizing Lisk's technology, Staex facilitates quick and secure transactions with minimal fees, revolutionizing the way payments are made within the IoT domain.
Web3 Integration
Staex encourages the adoption of Web3 technologies by providing a user-friendly gateway for IoT developers to harness the benefits of decentralized systems, fostering innovation and growth.
Future-Proofing IoT
Staex ensures that IoT devices are prepared for the evolving technological landscape by bridging the gap between current Web2 infrastructure and the promising future of Web3.
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