German public-private consortium steps into machine-to-machine economy

Groundbreaking partnership demonstrates the practical application of Web3 tools


The NEXA consortium of leading industry partners, startups, and non-profit entities across Germany is pleased to announce it is championing seamless collaboration between public and private entities within the machine-to-machine economy. Traditionally hindered by network silos and a lack of mutual trust mechanisms, such partnerships once posed significant technical and contractual challenges. The reluctance to share networks was a barrier because data sharing is essential for developing apps and generating revenue. However, with the use of Web3 technologies, cross-sector and cross-industry collaboration has become a reality, unveiling new business opportunities.

The NEXA consortium of strong and established companies include Vantage Towers, Staex, REWE Group's paymenttools, Lisk, Chirp Wireless, Germandrones, and Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie. The dynamic public-private partnership is poised to revolutionize complex industry automation and management by asset sharing, data collection, permit and contract management, and machine payments.

Powered by Staex, this initiative guarantees unmatched reliability and security, establishing a robust foundation for an autonomous business ecosystem. In this ecosystem, machines conduct tasks and transactions independently, minimizing the need for human intervention. This capability fosters cross-sector partnerships and industry collaborations, achieving a scale and level of automation previously unattainable. Leveraging Web3 tools, the group is launching and testing neutral platforms, built-in trust mechanisms, smart contracts, verified immutable data, and automated machine-to-machine transactions.

Industry use case of Web3 tools launches during Berlin Blockchain week 2024

To showcase the transformative potential of such alliances in automated systems, the consortium proudly launches the Web3 Drone Corridor in Berlin this month. Witness firsthand secure data exchanges and payment transactions between humans and machines, demonstrating the first step of interconnected industries.

Public-private consortium

The NEXA partners comprise of the best-of-breed German organizations:

  • Vantage Towers AG: Operator of 84,000+ telco towers across Europe, providing the infrastructure and space for the take-off and landing sites needed for commercial drone operations in the future.
  • Staex GmbH: Originally developed at Deutsche Telekom, now independent, leading the consortium and offering secure, sustainable, and easy-to-use IIoT management.
  • REWE Group's paymenttools: Managing 50,000+ payment terminals across Europe, allowing secure and seamless payment transactions for both humans and machines.
  • Lisk: Open-source web3 application platform designed for interoperability with sidechains.
  • Chirp Wireless: Leading global wireless network provider that offers reliable and extensive IoT connectivity solutions, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Germandrones GmbH: Providing high-performance drones for global surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH: Representing the Berlin State ecosystem and innovation.

Dr. Severin Fischer, Secretary of State, Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises will open the event that features a drone flight where the audience can interact real-time with the machine obtaining data and conducting payment.

The NEXA event is sponsored by:

  • Marienpark Berlin, an innovation quarter in the south of Berlin, in which corporates, startups, and players from science and culture are creating an ecosystem.
  • The Drivery, a global innovation ecosystem shaping tomorrow's mobility.
  • ICP Hub Germany, autonomous serverless cloud functionality.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Staex GmbH
Paksy Plackis-Cheng, Chief Strategy Officer

Vantage Towers AG
Robin Hagenmüller, Head of Corporate Communications

REWE Group’s paymenttools, (OC Payment GmbH)
Janine Baumert, Marketing Manager

Lisk (lightcurve GmbH)
Andrew Wood, Community Manager

Chirp USA, LLC
Tim Kravchunovsky, Founder & CEO

Germandrones GmbH
Oliver Arning, Head of Communications

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
Amira Gutmann-Trieb, Cluster Manager ICT, Media, Creative Industries
Jakob Zwiers, Project Manager Innovation | Information and Communication Technology | Blockchain & IT-Security