Dr. Alexandra K. Mikityuk presents Staex solution at Robotics Festival 2022 in Leipzig


Listen why Staex developed a platform for automated DevOps for robotics.

In robotics' world a lot of work is happening in an ultimate non-automated way. Staex' platform is specifically designed for automated DevOps for robotics.

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk, CEO of Staex, speaks about the following topics.

  • VPN and SSH solutions are not scalable.
  • Delivering patches to the robots in an automated way are very difficult.
  • If you have VPN setups, you lose a lot in latency.

Enjoy the full pitch given at Robotics Festival 2022 in Leipzig!

Staex logo.

Staex is a secure public network for IoT devices that can not run a VPN such as smart meters, IP cameras, and EV chargers. Staex encrypts legacy protocols, reduces mobile data usage, and simplifies building networks with complex topologies through its unique multi-hop architecture. Staex is fully zero-trust meaning that no traffic is allowed unless specified by the device owner which makes it more secure than even some private networks. With this, Staex creates an additional separation layer to provide more security for IoT devices on the Internet, also protecting other Internet services from DDoS attacks that are usually executed on millions of IoT machines.

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