Next-generation IT infrastructures enabled by Swarm clouds


  • Alexandra.
    Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk
    Founder & CEO of Staex

Our digital world is flourishing today: we enjoy a multitude of great services that have changed our lives forever. While integrating those services more and more in our lives, have you ever asked yourself what is actually happening on the infrastructure side?

Heterogeneous IT landscapes

Although the development of connected devices rapidly evolved, the management of modern IT infrastructures did not manage to keep the same pace.

For current IT management platforms, the ability to manage distributed systems across different vendors and operators is nearly impossible. Currently available tools and platforms do not truly provide simple and decentralized control, and they do not enable transparent and secure data flows between existing massively distributed devices and complex environments. This opacity leads to inefficient resource planning and incredibly inflexible IT infrastructures, which are vulnerable to attacks and outages if the centralized services go down.

By reducing infrastructure complexity and inflexibility, Staex has the potential to tremendously change the way our digital economy functions today.

We, at Staex, are introducing efficient, fully distributed infrastructure for IoT services and IoT service providers with the focus on integrating and managing distributed deployments for smart cities and industrial IoT. To make our stack accessible and useful for the community and a variety of use cases in the IoT domain, the heart of our system, the peer-2-peer service networking component, will be released as open-source.

Staex Swarm Clouds

We are calling these next-generation IT infrastructures Swarm Clouds. Staex creates such Swarm Clouds in a variety of business verticals, bridging data silos and islands of different infrastructure environments. This makes the best use of existing infrastructure and unlocks a new digital world, where services are interconnected and can communicate in complex ways that have not been possible before, thus creating unprecedented value for customers.

Staex Swarm Clouds are a fusion of cloud and physical devices that provide the easiest, most efficient, and secure solution to integrate and manage distributed systems. By its definition, a distributed system is a system that is made of a multitude of components located on different machines. And our world is already full of such distributed systems, such as smart city infrastructure consisting of many machines or devices operated by a variety of different vendors.

Staex enables providers that are building smart city systems to integrate and orchestrate these systems with ease so that multiple smart city solutions appear as a single coherent system to the end-user. By using the Staex orchestration platform, service providers save time and resources that they can rather invest into the creation of additional value for the end-user.

Learn more about Staex solution at our free Webinar Managing IT Infrastructure underlying Smart Cities on Thursday, 10th of June @ 4pm CEST.

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About Staex

Staex is a secure public network for IoT devices that can not run a VPN such as smart meters, IP cameras, and EV chargers. Staex encrypts legacy protocols, reduces mobile data usage, and simplifies building networks with complex topologies through its unique multi-hop architecture. Staex is fully zero-trust meaning that no traffic is allowed unless specified by the device owner which makes it more secure than even some private networks. With this, Staex creates an additional separation layer to provide more security for IoT devices on the Internet, also protecting other Internet services from DDoS attacks that are usually executed on millions of IoT machines.

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