NEXA: First in the world web3-operated drone delivery corridor


Staex and its Partners will deploy, for the first time in Germany, a new generation of drone infrastructure.

Tempelhofer Hafen.

This project is designed and executed by Staex GmbH and Staex's partners. For simplicity, in the below text all of the various project partners will be described as "Partners".

Staex and its Partners will deploy, for the first time in Germany, a new generation of drone infrastructure. The Project, deployed in Berlin, will include a transfer station M3 based at Ullsteinhaus (The Drivery) and 2 vertipads M1 located on the premises of the commercial center Tempelhofer Hafen.

The drones will fly between the before mentioned stations for demonstration and autonomous deliveries. The stations will operate under the Mobile 5G Network and feature various use cases for drones, particularly in low latency efficiency critical for autonomous mobile machines.

Staex will provide secure and reliable communication for all the ground stations via its flagship private P2P mesh network software layer. Allowing the drones operating with patented technology equipped with military-grade end-to-end encryption, certificate-based trust, reliable communication over unreliable underlying networks, IoT device identity management and more. The Staex network layer was designed with IoT devices in mind and provides light overhead communication while consuming minimal system resources. Using this private network Staex will enable efficient and secure IT infrastructure management and remote access for ground stations.

The Project starts April 2023. The exact launch date (which will occur before the end of 2023) in Berlin, Germany will be announced shortly.

Tempelhofer hafen: bird's eye view.

Partners see a huge opportunity in additional testing of blockchain technology for the "Nexa" project. This might address, but not limited to use cases such as:

  • tokenization of drone stations that will solve the station ownership dilemma,
  • drone insurance use cases that will significantly simplify the data infrastructure,
  • lightweight cool showcases such as ordering a pizza with crypto (this use case has been mostly requested)

We invite you to collaborate and support this opportunity help ensuring our community future-readiness.


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EVA (Skylink Industries GmbH)