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❗ On May 21st, Dr. Severin Fischer, Secretary of State for the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises, inaugurated the Web3 Drone Corridor event. The launch, held at Marienpark, featured a drone flight demonstration where the audience could interact in real-time with the machine, obtaining data and conducting secure payments. ❗

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Setup your network in minutes

Staex is a zero-trust network for IoT devices that blocks all network traffic by default and forces communication through mutually defined tunnels.

Staex lets you setup VPN, DNS, SSL, DNAT, and port forwarding in minutes.

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Secure your devices in the field now

Staex public network unites devices from all over the world, and lets you experience the full power of the technology for free.

  • Real IP addresses are hidden.
  • Your devices are not shared unless you configure otherwise.
  • Directly access your any IP-based devices — IP cameras, routers, smart home.

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Use cases

  • Drone.


    • Securely tunnel MAVLink2, CANbus, RTSP/RTMP traffic.
    • Eliminate the need for MAVProxy, UDPProxy.

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  • EV charger.

    EV chargers

    • Get valuable insights from Modbus data.
    • Securely tunnel Modbus, DNS, NTP traffic.

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  • City of Aachen dashboard.

    Smart cities

    • Manage federated multi-tenant networks with ease.
    • Save up to 70% on maintenance costs.

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  • World map.

    Federated network

    • Securely expose your devices to the public.
    • Manage data access by multiple parties.

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Apps connecting via a tunnel.


  • Tunnels upgrade security of legacy protocols (DNS, NTP, RTSP, ModBus, MAVLink2 etc.) to match that of mTLS.
  • Tunnels hide real IP addresses of your IoT devices in the field.
  • Tunnels address endpoints by a unique pair of public keys.
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Idle data usage, MiB/month.

Low data usage

Save up to €1.7 per device per month on mobile data costs. Learn more...

Batteries included

  • Built-in fully distributed, end-to-end encrypted DNS.
  • Built-in fully distributed SSL CA.
  • All set up in minutes.
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High performance

Ever wanted to run 10k nodes without buying expensive hardware? Learn more...

Get started

curl -o /tmp/staex-repo.noarch.deb
apt-get install /tmp/staex-repo.noarch.deb
apt-get update
apt-get install staex-web
# go to https://your-ip-address:8383/

What others say about Staex?

  • As pioneers in Europe's digitalization, Staex's platform integrates drones into our operational strategies seamlessly. More...

    Juan de Miguel

    Juan de Miguel 
    Head of Technology Strategy and Innovation
    Vantage Towers

  • Through collaboration with Staex, we intend to ideate actionable strategies to materialize feasible and innovative solutions for our industry. More...

    Dr. Klaus Scho

    Dr. Klaus Scho 

  • When Staex approached us, we eagerly joined the project, as it resonates with our commitment to innovation. More...

    Ludger Bieberstein

    Ludger Bieberstein 
    Vice President Product & Founder

  • Staex's efforts not only benefit Berlin but also serve as a beacon for the transformative potential of blockchain in industry. More...

    Jakob Zwiers

    Jakob Zwiers 
    Innovation Manager
    Berlin Partner

Learn more about Staex public network in our position paper

Staex public network position paper first page.