A new approach to sustainability:
zero-waste IT infrastructures

CO2 emissions, plastic in oceans, climate change - these are topics that are impossible to ignore. Seeing our future under threat, we became inspired to contribute to the solution of a sustainable future. Using our deep technical knowledge of IT infrastructure and an understanding of the inefficiencies that still are present in the infrastructure world, we created Staex – a decentralized infrastructure platform with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability.
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Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk
Founder & CEO of Staex
Posted on July 2nd, 2021
Resource-inefficient IT infrastructures

According to estimates of Uptime Institute, IT infrastructure today utilizes only a quarter of fully available server compute. And at idle, servers still consume 17-25% of their full power. It is simply wasted energy for no benefit.

According to the European Commission, a best practice for energy efficiency is producing and deploying energy-efficient software. However, this is difficult to do with current infrastructure orchestration tools and it is thereby scarcely implemented. Additionally, efforts to improve data center energy efficiency from a mechanical and an electrical perspective are now producing only marginal improvements.

To continue to develop our valuable digital world, we are convinced that the focus of optimization needs to move to the level of our IT infrastructure. Why continue building inefficient data silos or islands if we can gain so much value by sharing our infrastructures between services, companies, or countries. If one company runs a particular service and does not use it 24/7, another company can make use of it in parallel. Staex Swarm Clouds enable a multi-party networking and service mesh, which can orchestrate container deployments to any device, from server racks to cloud to the edge. Staex gives a transparent overview of used compute, allows for greater granularity of deployments, and enables shared services. Staex is what efficient shared infrastructure looks like.

Sustainable digital world

We think that our modern economy can only reach its full potential if we, as humanity, learn how to operate our digital machines and assets efficiently. We envision a world where the computational power of every machine is fully utilized and we can enter the "zero-waste" IT era. A sustainable world is unattainable while a fundamental part of it, our IT systems, is not resource-efficient. We wanted to create a novel way of building IT services that fully utilizes the interconnections of digital machines and leverages the computational power of every connected device to enable a sustainable digital world.

Together with a community of like-minded people, we can rewire the world in a new way so that the IoT services of the future are efficient and sustainable.

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