Robot Connectivity in Intralogistics
The DevOps Stack for Robotics

  • Andrew Heimerman
    Solutions Engineer
The world´s current infrastructure technologies are not designed for an optimally integrated autonomous robot environment. Building a foundation with older generation technologies that were not made for a distributed use in the field such as a fleet of robots is less secure and will face scalability issues.

Staex's technologies developed at Deutsche Telekom since 2017 within a larger distributed systems department and a significant technology investment took proven modern technologies, inspired and influenced by web3. Staex's foundation based on peer-2-peer communication and swarm management offers the best blend of the traditional and new distributed technologies to create a secure, scalable, more sustainable DevOps platform for the future of robotics.

The establishment of such DevOps pipelines is a challenge that the majority of robotics companies face while scaling. They currently solve these issues with custom solutions, spending high development resources to build systems that are not part of their core business. Staex instead offers a standardized, secure and efficient way of how robotics DevOps can be built and managed.

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