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Staex pitched on Meet the Drapers, Season 6 in California. There is an opportunity to cast your vote for the Viewers' Choice Award. Your support could play a crucial role in securing significant investment for us.

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Our daily life is heavily supported by a variety of intelligent machines. Our smart cities will be full of autonomous vehicles, drones, energy appliances. It is essential to maintain human agency over such machines in the future.

Staex's goal is to secure the future by providing a secure data infrastructure for smart machines. We invite you to become part of our project and support us with your vote to help us secure a $1 million investment from Tim Draper. Together, we will make our Internet of Things (IoT) network reliable and secure for everyone.

Staex software protocol that runs directly on the intelligent appliances, provides up to 90% savings on the mobile connectivity for the IoT manufacturers and up to 70% time savings for the IoT manufacturer to set up the IT infrastructure.

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk 
CEO & co-founder

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