EV chargers

EV charging.


Monitor and manage (mobile) EV chargers remotely.


Deploy Staex on a cellular router inside each charger and each battery. Provide the router and the SIM card through partners.

EV charging solution.


  • Tunnel ModBus traffic from the charger directly to the client's management server in the cloud over Staex VPN (even though the source node does not run Staex).
  • Tunnel GPS traffic from the router to the same server.
  • Use two-way connectivity between client's network and each charger/battery for remote maintenance.


EV charger hosts

  • the router that provides cellular connectivity to other devices,
  • the computer that manages the charger via ModBus.

The computer exposes management interface via ModBus-TCP protocol. Usually chargers' computers are capable of running a VPN, however, chargers' manufacturers do not recommend touching these computers unless you have a problem with the charger. Therefore, the reasonable approach here is to ingest ModBus-TCP traffic into a VPN and then forward it to the main server.