Sponsorship opportunity


Staex has been selected to participate in the sensational Meet the Drapers show in California, USA. This is a super opportunity for us, and we're extending an exclusive invitation to join us as our sponsor on this remarkable journey.


Meet the Drapers reaches over 25 million viewers per season worldwide. This exposure is unparalleled, and as our sponsor, you will have the unique opportunity to tap into this expansive audience. Imagine the brand recognition, networking, and business growth potential that awaits you.

But, there's more to this partnership than just numbers. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider sponsoring our trip from Germany to California:

  • Global visibility. Meet the Drapers is not just a show; it's a platform that transcends borders. By sponsoring Staex, you'll gain global visibility and access to potential customers, partners, and investors from around the world.

  • Innovation showcase. Staex is at the forefront of innovation, and our participation in "Meet the Drapers" highlights our commitment to cutting-edge technology. Align your brand with innovation and be recognized as a forward-thinking industry leader.

  • Networking opportunities. California is the heart of the tech and startup ecosystem. By sponsoring us, you'll gain exclusive access to networking events, industry leaders, and potential collaborators, expanding your business horizons.

  • Supporting local talent. Sponsoring Staex means supporting local talent from Germany, showcasing our nation's innovation prowess on an international stage. You'll be part of our success story.

We invite you to be a part of this journey!

Your sponsorship will not only help Staex shine but also elevate your brand on a global scale.

Thank you for being a valued part of the Staex community. Together, we can make "Meet the Drapers" one of the milestones in our journey toward success.

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to reach out to us. Let's explore how we can tailor this sponsorship to align perfectly with your brand's objectives.


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