The Promise of the Autonomous Robotics Market
Understanding the growth drivers of autonomous robotics & the impact that internet technologies will have on the future of automation in production and logistics.
Thursday, October 20, 2022 | 16:00 CEST
  • Philip Toepffer
    Staex Founder & COO
By the year 2032, the robotics market will reach a total value of $214.68 billion USD. In the next decade, the market will rapidly expand to meet the needs of manufacturing and logistics as the boom in e-commerce and trade increases. Factors such as corona, high labor costs, and the need for high turnaround all drive the demand for robotic solutions. The market will see a blistering 22.8% compound annual growth rate for the next ten years.

Philip Toepffer, the COO and one of the co-founders of Staex will present on the current state of the robotics market and the role that modern internet technologies will also be a major factor in the development of the market.

Watch the recording below!
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