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TETRA: Electric Vehicle Payment over Blockchain

Join us in accelerating a secure and reliable Machine-to-Machine economy!

Staex, in collaboration with multiple partners, has embarked on an adventure to retrofit the iconic DeLorean car into an electric vehicle, the E-Lorean, that is stationed at the Makers Garage of The Drivery, in our Berlin's office. Together we will write the story of how many startups, corporates and individuals collaborate to build a vehicle platform for the future.

In the summer 2023, we have kicked off this non-commercial project and are now looking for sponsors to be part of this journey.

Cars won't be built by a single original equipment manufacturer (OEM), but instead, a collective effort of numerous individuals collaborating during the early stages of development.

Felix Kreysig

Felix Kreysig 
Director of Maker Garage
The Drivery

Staex's expertise in the project

Staex and its Partners will install into a DeLorean an on-board computer, a battery and a charging port, and connect it to an eV charging station. Staex will provide software that allows the car itself to pay for services such as eV charging over a blockchain. The project aims to demonstrate how blockchain enables the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) economy, and how this economy will revolutionize the industry.

Staex will provide cryptographic identity to each IoT device that is involved in the transaction via its flagship private P2P mesh network software layer. Staex's patented technology is equipped with military-grade end-to-end encryption, certificate-based trust, reliable communication over unreliable underlying networks and more. The Staex network layer was designed with IoT devices in mind and provides light overhead communication while consuming minimal system resources. Using this private network Staex will enable efficient and secure payments over blockchain initiated by cars themselves.


Our ultimate goal is to showcase the innovative capabilities of our vehicle by driving it seamlessly from Berlin to Barcelona, while leveraging automated and user-friendly charging systems along the way.

This ambitious expedition serves as a powerful message to the new generation, emphasizing our dedication to creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. As we navigate through various European countries, we aim to inspire, educate, and ignite a passion for the EV revolution.

Our journey is not just about the physical act of driving. It symbolizes the possibilities and potential of electric mobility, demonstrating that EVs can seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. By seamlessly charging our vehicle across different European countries, we underscore the progress made in establishing a robust charging infrastructure, supporting the practicality and convenience of EV ownership.

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