TETRA: Electric Vehicle Payment over Blockchain


This project is designed and executed by Staex GmbH and Staex's partners. For simplicity, in the below text all of the various project partners will be described as "Partners".

Staex and its Partners will install into a DeLorean, an on-board computer, a battery and a charging port, and connect it to an eV charging station. Staex will provide software that allows the car itself to pay for services such as eV charging over a blockchain. The project aims to demonstrate how blockchain enables the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) economy, and how this economy will revolutionize the industry.

Staex will provide cryptographic identity to each IoT device that is involved in the transaction via its flagship private P2P mesh network software layer. Staex's patented technology is equipped with military-grade end-to-end encryption, certificate-based trust, reliable communication over unreliable underlying networks and more. The Staex network layer was designed with IoT devices in mind and provides light overhead communication while consuming minimal system resources. Using this private network Staex will enable efficient and secure payments over blockchain initiated by cars themselves.

Staex and its Partners are turning The Drivery's DeLorean to an eLorean equipped with automatic payment for EV charging via transactions over a blockchain. Join us in accelerating a secure and reliable Machine-to-Machine economy.

The Project starts May 2023. The exact launch date (which will occur before the end of 2023) in Berlin, Germany will be announced shortly.

Partners see a great opportunity in testing a peer-to-peer mesh network and blockchain technology. After successful execution, we will extend the same principle for other industries:

  • a fridge paying for food delivery to restore its eggs and milk supplies
  • a 3D printer paying for the filament supply,
  • ordering pizza with crypto (the most requested use case!)

We invite you to collaborate and support this opportunity to help ensuring our community future-readiness.


Staex GmbH:
Paksy Plackis-Cheng, CSO
The Drivery
Mariendorfer Damm 1
12099 Berlin