Staex Granted Second Patent

Latest patent covers methods and systems for service discovery and tunneling in a distributed architecture
Published: 20.01.2023

It has been a long wait since 2020, when Staex invented the MCC tunneling technology and filed an international patent application.

This year, in January 2023 we have finally received the patent US11375029B2. This is our second patent that was transferred to us since we have excubated from Deutsche Telekom and makes us owners of the unique tunneling technology in a distributed data processing network.

Staex is an overlay peer-to-peer network that aims to be a next-generation replacement for older VPN technologies with an advantage of being easier to configure, more secure, and more resilient to failures and cyberattacks. The network is fully distributed and decentralized but also embraces other Web 3.0 ideas like zero trust and federated infrastructure.

Much of the complexity of modern IT infrastructure comes from the fact that it spans multiple networks that are administered by multiple parties. Hybrid clouds, the edge, IoT, robotics, private 5G campus networks — the list goes on and on. The number of such networks, the plurality of their configurations and the fact that they are operated by different parties makes it impractical to configure VPNs for each particular network. This is where Staex adds value. Staex flattens the networks and the tooling that is used to administer, configure and maintain them. Staex does not require complex configuration as it is a lightweight software-based overlay network.

Flattening networks is especially useful for robotics where robot manufacturers typically connect to their robots via client-provided VPNs: the more clients they have the more complex their network configuration becomes and the more difficult it is to maintain the system. Staex makes it easier to scale the infrastructure for any number of clients while the IT automation tooling uses flat representation of the system.

We invite you to reach out to us so we can explain all details of this invention and how we have perfected it over the years.
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