License certificate

1 Prices and service — description of standard products

With the conclusion of this contract the Licensee assures that he or she is an entrepreneur in the sense of § 14 BGB.

1.1 Selection of packages

Subscribing to the free 30-day trial, the Licensee receives the right to use the software with the functions described in the plan "Networking" or "Networking & Orchestration" (found here) free of charge for the usage period of 30 days on 5 nodes. After the the 30-day trial period the free trial automatically becomes an annual subscription with monthly billing. Staex approaches the Licensee to adjust the plan.

1.2 Contract term and termination

Unless otherwise agreed, the free 30-day trial subscription can be canceled in writing at any time during this period. The contract term of the paid annual subscription is 12 months. The paid annual subscription can be canceled in writing one month in advance before the end of the agreed contract term.

1.3 Right of use

The software may only be used by the Licensee and only for the purposes agreed in the contract. Any further use, including subletting, requires the prior written consent of Staex. Unless otherwise agreed, Staex grants the Licensee the simple right to use the software during the rental period on its premises for its own internal purposes within the scope of the contractually agreed purpose of use.

1.4 Additional services

Additional services are all services that go beyond the services described in the packages under A.1. During the contract period, the customer is entitled to 3 hours of free support per month, unless otherwise agreed. Support hours exceeding the 3 free support hours will be charged by Staex with € 120.00 per hour.

2 Conditions

2.1 Payments

The remunerations are net prices plus the applicable statutory value added tax. Staex may issue invoices on a monthly basis and the invoice is due immediately. If services are remunerated on a time and material basis, Staex must provide evidence of the work performed by means of a time sheet. Unless otherwise agreed, the remuneration will be calculated on a time and material basis at Staex's prices generally valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

2.2 Liability

Insofar as the software is provided free of charge, any liability is excluded. In all other respects, liability for material defects shall only be excluded if Staex fraudulently conceals a defect in the software provided free of charge. Staex shall only be liable for intent and gross negligence.

2.3 General Terms and Conditions of Staex

The General Terms and Conditions of Staex apply exclusively.