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The Web3 Platform for IoT
Staex GmbH is a deep tech startup that provides a unique Web3-based distributed infrastructure with secure networking between devices and services and the freedom to install software where use cases need it.

Web3 is the new Internet logic with no single point of failure. It consists of a variety of distributed protocols and technologies and is utilized by machines that are enabled to act autonomously.

With Staex's distributed Networking and Orchestration solution we lay an irreplaceable foundation for Web3. Our customers already utilize the power of distributed technologies with high levels of resilience, security and efficiency while using Staex for IoT in Robotics, Smart City, and Mobility industries.

Staex is based in Berlin and was founded in 2019 within the Deutsche Telekom. In 2021 Staex excubated from DT and later that year was honored with the Deep Tech Award by the Berlin Senate in recognition of remarkable deep tech innovations in the area of IoT and Industry 4.0. In April 2022, Staex raised a €1.65 million pre-seed funding round.
Raised so far: € 1.75 million
Innovative and Novel Way of Managing IT Services
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