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The Web3 Platform for IoT
Staex is the solution to the rising machine economy, with machine connections projected to reach 75 billion by 2030. Current cloud infrastructure is unreliable and subject to frequent hacks, causing financial losses and posing a threat to human safety. Staex offers a superior alternative, with web3-based patented software connecting and communicating IoT machines in a decentralized network. Experience faster deployment, lower latency, lower cost, and greater reliability and security than traditional VPNs and Clouds. Staex is the future of M2M infrastructure.

Our customers already utilize the power of distributed technologies with high levels of resilience, security and efficiency while using Staex for IoT in the Energy industry.
Raised so far: € 1.75 million
Innovative and Novel Way of Managing IT Services
Current Investors
As an active investor, they have put more than 165 companies on the road to success with venture capital and entrepreneurial know-how. As a public venture capital company with a stable corporate environment, they ensure a strong equity base for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises in Brandenburg so that they can grow safely and sustainably.
Blockwall is an independent venture capital firm that invests with its funds in the evolution of the internet and is dedicated to the development of Web 3.0 and decentralized technologies (Blockchain). Their vision is to support innovation in Europe and democratize trust in a digital world.

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