System network interfaces integration
The new version of Staex reduces workload for system administrators
and simplifies application integration
Published: 29.12.2022

Latest version of Staex directly integrates with system network interfaces. This means that system administrators no longer need to perform REST API calls to publish services and open ports for clients to run applications over Staex network. Instead they bind services to Staex network interface and point clients to the service's address, and everything else is handled by Staex!

The process of setting up network interfaces is documented in our new tutorial. In most cases this boils down to assigning a unique IPv4 address to each node.

System network interfaces makes it even more transparent for the application to run over Staex network. In addition, they enable us to tunnel protocols that contain IP addresses as part of the packets (e.g. SIP) and protocols that dynamically send data to certain nodes based on some internal logic (e.g. DDS, MQTT and other implementations of the publish-subscribe model).

We benchmarked SIP protocol using SIPp tool and Kamailio SIP server. We found that Staex network shows comparable performance to Wireguard VPN in this case.
System network interfaces is an exciting new feature that opens up a lot of new possibilities that we haven't explored yet. Please subscribe at the bottom of this page to be the first to know the news.

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