Announcing StaexD
A fully distributed and decentralized p2p container orchestrator.
Wednesday, August 17, 2022 | 16:00 CEST
  • Andrew Heimerman
    Solutions Engineer
Large scale deployments of IoT or distributed devices require orchestration support that can function with changing connectivity status and through peer-to-peer means. Edge devices working autonomously need to be able to scale containers without stable connections to the cloud. Traditional orchestration tools like Kubernetes rely on a centralized master-worker setup. This works for localized cases with one DevOps team running the infrastructure, but this star-shaped model of control does not scale when working with many different types of hardware (physical or virtualized) which are not colocated behind the same network firewalls and NATs. Additionally, Kubernetes does not allow for shared infrastructure control between different members in a consortium. Andrew Heimerman from Staex will present a new piece of software from Staex, StaexD, which is a fully decentralized orchestration daemon which is compatible with the Staex p2p network, MCC. StaexD promises a completely novel way of managing software from cloud to edge with high speed and full decentralization.

Watch the recording below!
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