About Us

Staex is a robot platform that aims to redefine how software applications for robots are built, distributed, installed and managed.

Staex provides reliable communication over unreliable networks, encryption for otherwise insecure connections and service discovery for otherwise local services.

Staex is fully-distributed with no single point of failure and is lightweight enough to run on the edge, but can manage cloud or on premises servers as well.

Staex is transparent for developers and does not limit the choice of protocols, languages, frameworks etc. Applications that run on robots have the same technological limits as the ones that run on cloud servers.

Staex deploys and manages applications for robots the same way as regular applications are deployed and managed in the cloud. On top of that Staex provides advanced scheduling capabilities, a distributed key-value store and both containerized and native execution of applications.

Our vision is to integrate robots in a distributed system: robots should have the same set of capabilities as regular servers, they should receive regular software and firmware updates, and a large-scale system with thousands of robots should be managed as easily and efficiently as one robot.

Join us!
Working Student - Marketing
Staex is looking for a Marketing Working Student in Berlin!

About us:

Staex enables the era of large-scale IoT and distributed infrastructure, with the goal to create a true sustainable machine-to-machine economy. To reach this goal, we make use of the latest developments in distributed systems, inspired by Distributed Ledger Technologies such as Blockchain. You can find our manifesto here: https://staex.io/about

What you will learn and where you will support the team
  • Communicating with various accelerating programs
  • Applying for Awards, Programs and Grants
  • Preparing social media content
  • Helping to organize online & offline events
  • Practicing different aspects of the digital marketing (analytics, promo campaigns, etc)
Your profile:
  • Fluent English (German is a great plus)
  • Bachelor or Master student preferably from business informatics or computer science with technical marketing experience → but more important than your field of study: you're resourceful and pragmatic
  • Good communication skills and teamwork
  • Highly motivated to work in a startup and tech environment
  • Good organizational and time management skills
What we offer:
  • Perspective and potential. You will support and take ownership of key role tasks in a fast-growing company and work closely with the executives.
  • A great diverse team. We're an international, highly motivated team
  • Impact. Work for a company that makes a difference in the tech world
  • Above-average salary: Our motto is "We are not saving on our employees"

Are you looking to join an exiting deep tech startup in IoT and Blockchain? Is your goal to learn more about the marketing processes from a deep tech company perspective? Would you like to work in a dynamic business environment with an above-average student salary? Then you are the perfect match for us :)

If you are interested please send your application to anna@staex.io and include your CV and short cover letter.
Robotics Sales Manager
If these are not random letters and numbers to you: WALL-E, R2D2, HAL 9000, Data, Dante II, ASIMO, C-3PO and K9, then this is a job you will be interested in!

Staex is a first in the world Distributed Orchestrating Stack that enables a fully optimized and efficient system to connect and manage robots. It is inspired by blockchains, DLTs and other distributed systems.

Staex is a system where each device or a robot is autonomous, but all of them work together to fulfill a purpose. Much like in an ant colony, where each ant makes decisions on its own according to the situation and receives no instructions from the queen, in Staex there is no centralized control: each device works independently and communicates valuable information to the neighboring devices. This saves a lot of bandwidth and time in communications between robots enabling high data throughput and high speed for decision making. Also, in contrast to most ant colonies except Argentinian!, in which ants from different colonies do not communicate with each other, with Staex computers from different networks communicate freely and work together.

On this journey to enable efficient IT behind millions of robots, the role of a Sales Manager is critical to the foundation of Staex anchoring the company as a standard technology for systems of the future. Our manifesto can be found here: https://staex.io/about. You will be an ambassador for our company, in charge of screening the market, generating and qualifying leads, and bringing in revenue into the company. Additionally, you will be in charge of setting up effective and efficient sales processes and future sales teams.

What we offer:

  • A position at the forefront of technology and market developments
  • The purpose-driven company together with the best-in-class international team
  • Permanent growth opportunities and company shares

The role of a Sales Manager at Staex includes the following responsibilities:

  • Revenue generation
  • Key Account Management and business development
  • Creating sales material and executing on marketing campaigns

Your skills are:

  • Crazy about robotics, experience in SaaS sales and startups
  • Fluent in German & English with excellent speech-delivering skills
  • Building automated sales processes and negotiating pricing and terms

You know:

Sales magic, Pipedrive, how to solve problems, work both autonomously and in a team, and be highly organized.

We'd like to have you on board! Send us your motivation letter to job@staex.io.
Staex Family
Dr. Alexandra
Founder & CEO
Founder & COO
Chief Marketing Officer
Lead Sales Engineer
Elvina Kulinicenko
Project Manager
Decentralized Systems Developer
Networking Developer
Software Developer
Sales & Business Development Intern
Our Advisors
Dr. Thomas Alt
Partner Atlantic Bridge Capital, Director Strategic Deals Apple, Founder and CEO of metaio
Bodo Kohlenbach
Managing Partner, Pulsar Management Consulting
Thomas Dengler
IT Strategy & Cloud Computing, Prokurist @ noventum consulting
Dr. Edgar Jochheim
Owner of JOINCO Innovation Consulting
Christoph Hoeynck
Managing Partner, Pulsar Management Consulting
Prof. Dr. Thomas Söbbing
Professor for Civil Law with Digital Economy Law
Hochschule Kaiserslautern
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