About Us

Staex is a robot platform that aims to redefine how software applications for robots are built, distributed, installed and managed.

Staex provides reliable communication over unreliable networks, encryption for otherwise insecure connections and service discovery for otherwise local services.

Staex is fully-distributed with no single point of failure and is lightweight enough to run on the edge, but can manage cloud or on premises servers as well.

Staex is transparent for developers and does not limit the choice of protocols, languages, frameworks etc. Applications that run on robots have the same technological limits as the ones that run on cloud servers.

Staex deploys and manages applications for robots the same way as regular applications are deployed and managed in the cloud. On top of that Staex provides advanced scheduling capabilities, a distributed key-value store and both containerized and native execution of applications.

Our vision is to integrate robots in a distributed system: robots should have the same set of capabilities as regular servers, they should receive regular software and firmware updates, and a large-scale system with thousands of robots should be managed as easily and efficiently as one robot.

Staex Team
  • Dr. Alexandra
    Founder & CEO
  • Alexander
  • Paksy
  • Elvina
    Customer Success
    & Project Manager
  • Ivan
    Product Lead
  • Max
    Networking Developer
Our Advisors
  • Philip Toepffer
    Investment Adviser
  • Jens Günther
    Advisor, Principal consultant, CTO
  • David Schwab
    Technical Program Manager at Intel
  • Thomas Dengler
    IT Strategy & Cloud Computing, Prokurist @ noventum consulting
  • Daniel Herb
    Vice President Of Products at Vapor IO
  • Christoph Hoeynck
    Managing Partner, Pulsar Management Consulting
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Söbbing
    Professor for Civil Law with Digital Economy Law
    Hochschule Kaiserslautern
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