Staex Use Case
Smart Utility Solution
The utility sector is highly digitalized, yet some infrastructure problems still remain unresolved for grid devices deployed in the field.

Provisioning Issues:
Due to unreliable provisioning of certificates, manual fixes are required.

Security Issues:
Devices in public networks cause insecure and error-prone connectivity.

Scalability Issues:
Multiple vendors and cloud dependency result in lack of control for business while scaling.
Our Solution
Use a flexible and scalable platform for creating a secure smart grid.
Staex provides a plug-and-play platform for connecting the grid. It requires minimal configuration to work, which all can happen over the air. Customer energy equipment (e.g. solar) can be linked into an existing utilities Staex network and communicate without long integration times. This saves field engineers time and costs and it means your smart grid can scale up quicker. Through Staex's smart networking and software-defined security model, you can also ensure that you can always access your machines and data without compromising security.
Staex is instantly scalable and can remain functional in large scale settings. Staex is plug-n-play and supports hot-swapping devices, clouds, and legacy services.
Security and Fault Tolerance
Highly efficient and optimized for lossy networks. Exchange data easily over any network topology automatically.
Reliable and resilient provisioning with no need for manual configuration.
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