Use Cases
Staex' main features are global connectivity over unreliable physical networks and robust service orchestration for a system with unreliable network and nodes. These two features enable the use cases described on this page. The main outcome of using Staex is radically simplified infrastructure due to a "flat" network, fully distributed architecture and zero configuration.
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
Companies that deploy robotic hardware on their customers' factories struggle connecting with the devices due to the limitations and complexity of networking inside industrial spaces.

The Staex protocol is a plug-and-play communication platform that enables robotics companies to send and receive data from their machines, without the need to install clumsy VPN services or deal with their customers' networking.
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Smart City
Smart cities are a heterogeneous IT landscape with public and private sectors, multiple vendors, and municipalities with a variety of connected devices and sensors. It is almost impossible to connect and manage this landscape with existing one-size-fits-all cloud solutions.

Staex offers a platform that is modular and which can work on any machine and it can function flawlessly at scale in large scale geographic environments.
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EV Charging
EV charging requires the transmission of data between car, station, utility provider. Integrating all of these partners is timely and inefficient.

Staex solves this issue by providing the charging stations with a flexible platform where multiple partners can join to send and receive without having a singular database that is run by one party. Staex also allows for the monitoring of machines over the air and can remain online even in lossy network settings.
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Predictive Maintanence
Predictive maintenance relies on receiving a solid source of data from your machines.
Unfortunately, Connectivity to factory machines and PLCs is limited and often vendor-locked.

Staex is a vendor-agnostic solution that allows machines to securely transmit data directly to the cloud, even in complex network setups and with firewalls. Staex can open up the data lakes from machines that usually are difficult to access, which means that predictive maintenance can receive more complete data. Therefore repairs can become smarter and quicker.
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Smart Utilities
The utility sector is highly digitized, but there are many manual tasks that still cause bottlenecks. Provisioning of software, security of networks, and the move towards private home energy creation are unresolved technically.

Staex creates a platform that allows for data transport and software provisioning across many different parties, which makes it the perfect solution for the smart grid.
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