Staex Use Case
Predictive Maintenence (PdM)
Companies that provide solutions for predictive maintenance are struggling with data collection. Often times, data must be transported from PLCs to cloud services over restrictive internal networks in factories and warehouses. Integrating this data pipeline is difficult and time-consuming.

PdM companies need to shorten time of customer onboarding to accomodate market growth and be able to up-scale their solution faster.

They require a connectivity solution that has high data throughput with no data loss.
Our Solution
Integrate industrial systems at scale for predictive maintenance.
Staex is a seamless, secure and fast connectivity bridge without VPN. With Staex, you can even achieve results that were previously impossible with a traditional VPN.

Staex allows to abstract the network complexity, dealing with it transparently and removing the need to have customized solutions for each customer. With Staex it just works, always.
Staex takes care of all the underlying network complexity, independently of the network topology. It is plug-n-play for any use case and scale.
Staex allows devices to talk to each other directly without using relays or other centralized compo­nents, thus enabling high-performance connectivity for latency sensitive applications such as video streaming, remote control, etc.
Staex performs well in lossy networks and using distributed technologies ensures that information is never lost on its way to the cloud.
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