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Staex Solution
How Staex solves complex IoT deployments and integrations.

When developing IoT services today, traditional infrastructure setups rely on centralized setups for controlling data flows and orchestrating software. This top down approach has worked in the past, but for the new highly distributed world of Web 3.0 and massive IoT, it will not scale.

Staex provides a first-of-its-kind stack for Web 3.0 and IoT. Staex handles networking and container deployments with ease over a proprietary P2P protocol that enables large scale projects over any cloud, on-premise device, or IoT devices in the field. With no single point of failure and software defined networking, Staex enables Web 3.0 and IoT projects unlike any other software on the market.
Staex: an Innovative and Novel Way of Managing IT Services
A revolutionary p2p open-source networking tool for massively distributed environments. Available as a Go library or standalone system service.
A container orchestration tool for deploying and monitoring distributed applications in Web 3.0 and massive IoT environments.
The Stack
How It Works

Staex builds a peer-to-peer mesh across network boundaries using a custom protocol inspired by blockchains like Ethereum. This ensures that any distributed system can intercommunicate, share services, and orchestrate deployments from any node in the network. Whether it's cross-company, cross-cloud, or available over mobile networks, Staex works out of the box.

Staex nodes (pictured) can be large devices
or IoT devices ......... Containerized software can be deployed across multiple nodes, and legacy software can be also registered to the network via an API call. Regardless if the services are on Company A-side, Company B-side, or mixed between both companies, all services are resolvable in the Staex smart mesh network.

Main Features
High-speed integration
Legacy system, cloud, and IoT field system integration in days, not months.
Fastest P2P Service Mesh
Staex offers a scalable service mesh that offers data transfer speeds faster than native TCP.
Fully-decentralized & distributed Container Orchestration
Run software in any infrastructure configuration with no single point of failure.
Full usage of your compute & data ownership
Staex only runs on your machines, and ensures that your data stays there. GDPR Compliant.
Shared Infrastructure
Securely share your infrastructure with other partners on you project with Staex software-defined mesh networking.
Encryption & Security
Staex is secured using the latest cryptographic methods and has port hardening baked in.
Use Cases

Staex enables a multitude of new models for distributed systems. Whether it be orchestrating deployments for field IoT devices, or managing containers on cross-company infrastructures, Staex offers an all-in-one solution for networking and distributed DevOps-as-a-Service.
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