About Us
Staex Manifesto: Enabling the Era of Sustainable Economy with Zero-Waste IT Infrastructure

We are a group of young professionals with a long track record in building enterprise and distributed services. We are very passionate about the world of distributed technologies. We firmly believe that distributed technologies will fully change our IT infrastructures and the economic models built around them.

Our modern economy can only reach its full potential if we, as humanity, learn how to operate our digital machines and assets efficiently. We envision the world where computational power of every machine is fully utilized and we can enter the era of a zero-waste IT infrastructure. This is of real importance for us; it's what gets us out of bed everyday. A sustainable world is unattainable while a fundamental part of it, our IT systems, are not resource-efficient.

We are on a mission to create this novel machine infrastructure with Staex. Staex enables so-called swarm clouds, which fully utilize the interconnections of digital machines and leverage the computational power of every connected device, thereby enabling this sustainable digital world for unlimited value creation.

In creating swarm clouds, computational efficiency is one factor; the other is security. There, too, we are striving to bring best-in-class security to all devices, whether they be in the cloud, on-premise, or in the field. It is not enough to scale the new digital economy, it must also be built in a secure and thought-out fashion.

Why do we think it's time for swarm clouds now? Because our machines are powerful enough to execute applications and services by themselves, without necessarily offloading computation to a cloud. Staex bridges clouds and machines and creates one environment for your deployments fully utilising on-machine power and offloading workload capacity to clouds where necessary.

We would love you to build swarm clouds with us. Join the Staex movement today!


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Staex Family
Our Advisors
  • Dr. Thomas Alt
    Partner Atlantic Bridge Capital, Director Strategic Deals Apple, Founder and CEO of metaio
  • Bodo Kohlenbach
    Managing Partner, Pulsar Management Consulting
  • Thomas Dengler
    IT Strategy & Cloud Computing, Prokurist @ noventum consulting
  • Dr. Edgar Jochheim
    Owner of JOINCO Innovation Consulting
  • Christoph Hoeynck
    Managing Partner, Pulsar Management Consulting
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