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Scale your IoT business with our
next-generation deployment tool for modern machine infrastructures.
Staex Solution

How Staex solves complex IoT deployments and integrations.
When developing IoT services today, businesses have huge difficulties integrating with other companies or between millions of devices. Management of IoT services is complex and not optimized for large-scale or multi-vendor IoT systems.

Staex provides a first-of-its-kind fully decentralized IoT-DevOps platform as a service. Staex handles complex networking and deployments with ease over a proprietary P2P protocol inspired by modern blockchains.
How It Works

Staex builds a peer-to-peer mesh across network boundaries using a custom protocol inspired by blockchains like Ethereum. This ensures that any distributed system can intercommunicate, share services, and orchestrate deployments from any node in the network. Whether it's cross-company, cross-cloud, or available over mobile networks, Staex works out of the box.

Staex nodes (pictured) can be large devices
or IoT devices ......... Containerized software can be deployed across multiple nodes, and legacy software can be also registered to the network via an API call. Regardless if the services are on Company A-side, Company B-side, or mixed between both companies, all services are resolvable in the Staex smart mesh network.

Main Features
Easy connection to Clouds
One-line integration with legacy and on-prem IoT services
Staex security is based on blockchain concepts and you can easily connect any other DLT protocols to the Staex infrastructure
Full usage of your compute & data ownership
Install Staex infrastructure on your machines, clouds or edge
Secure, multi-vendor, containerized IoT services
Share your infrastructure with other partners in your supply chain securely through Staex consensus
IoT DevOps & management on your machines
On edge, in clouds, or directly on your factory
Resilient and secure P2P networking
The Staex P2P mesh network is secured using the latest elliptic curve cryptography and has no single point of failure
Use Cases

Staex enables a multitude of new models for distributed systems. Whether it be orchestrating deployments for field IoT devices, or managing containers on cross-company infrastructures, Staex offers an all-in-one solution for networking and distributed DevOps-as-a-Service.
Our Plans
P2P networking agent

Smart service mesh

Self-signed certificates for encrypted message transport

Everything in Essential

3 users

1 hosted bootnode + 50 on-premise nodes

Container deployment agent

CA service

NAT traversal technology

Consortia support

1 Staex UI instance

Staex CLI tool

Private container registry

Everything in Advanced

6 users

1 hosted bootnode + 100 on-premise nodes

Unlimited Staex UI instances

Lightweight agents for IoT devices
Enterprise Xtra
Everything included in all other plans

Use case-specific integration options and custom solutions

Customized solution
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