How It Works

Staex builds a peer-to-peer mesh across network boundaries using a custom protocol inspired by blockchains like Ethereum. This ensures that any distributed system can intercommunicate, share services, and orchestrate deployments from any node in the network. Whether it's cross-company, cross-cloud, or available over mobile networks, Staex works out of the box.

Staex nodes (pictured) can be large devices
or IoT devices. ___ Containerized software can be deployed across multiple nodes, and legacy software can be also registered to the network via an API call. Regardless if the services are on Company A-side, Company B-side, or mixed between both companies, all services are resolvable in the Staex smart mesh network.

Safely deploy containerized applications to a network of nodes from any Staex node. Multi-party device deployments are supported.
Devices can resolve services and communicate directly with each other across firewalls, NATs, and clouds. No central registry needed.
Bring your own device, server or Cloud. Flexibility in support for most hardware formats and/or Cloud environments.
Multi-party containerized services for IoTs
Smart mesh services in challenging networks
Device &
environment agnostic
Technical Advantages
Staex Components
Secure and Robust P2P Networking Agent
    • HTTP, UDP, & TCP Tunneling, i.e. communication through network barriers
    • Simplify connectivity to services behind firewalls or NAT
    Service registry and discovery from any node on the network to support decentralized service registry
    Application Provisioner and Orchestrator
    • Provisioning to automate deployment & monitoring of distributed applications
    • Fully decentralized: no MQTT server needed
    Orchestration to manage containerized workloads and services
    Deployment Hub
    • REST service to publish and distribute deployment plugins for existing services or Blockchains/DLTs
    • Host deployment recipes as YAML
    • Deploy to any IoT device directly from any other Staex-networked device
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