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    Pavel Bukhteev
    From the very beginning of our Greenbox project one of the most important questions was the connection of devices within the network. In order to follow current trends in the IoT sphere, this connection must be secure, light-weighted, easily extendable, and flexible. More than that, modern DevOps and IT automation tools and technologies must be supported. Considering current velocity of IT development, especially in the light of AI, automotive driving, and Web 3.0, no mistake should be made. Only capable and reliable companies must be taken into consideration.

    Greenbox performed a long-processing research of the market trying to find the best candidate for the possible partnership. From the very beginning Staex showed not only full capabilities and capacities of mentioned parameters, but a huge interest and motivation of working together. It is a perfect combination of professionalism and human qualities. We are more than happy to have Staex as the main IT partner.
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