Staex Use Case
Electric Vehicle Charging
Scalability Issues:
The EV-charging infrastructure needs to accomodate exponential market growth and a wide range of charging use-cases, which means the EV service providers must be able to upscale their networks while broadening their offerings and providing a seamless charging experience to drivers.

Provisioning Issues:
Every type of charging location has its own requirements--homes, apartment complexes, commercial and industrial sites, gas stations, retail sites, municipalities, and public charging parking lots. This results in complex IT lifecycle management.

Billing Issues:
EV companies need a flexible backend system that also supports open standards for grid and intra-network connectivity. Legacy APIs must also be supported so that billing solutions can seamlessly integrate for new growth and business models.

Communication and Security Issues:
One issue cited most often by charging network operators was poor communication to utility provider infrastructure, which led to costly delays and workarounds. Also, lossy networks in the field makes it difficult to receive telemetric data and send commands OTA to the devices.
Our Solution
Bring intelligent networking to smart EV charging.
Staex opens up the ability for charging stations to receive and send data to utilities, cars, and the station manufacturers. Telemetry data from the charging station can be collected and analyzed for inefficiencies or required maintenance. With Staex's support for any web protocol out of the box, existing billing APIs as well as new developments in the smart grid can be integrated by developers simply.
Staex is instantly scalable and can remain functional in large scale settings. Staex is plug-n-play and supports hot-swapping devices, clouds, and legacy services.
Highly efficient and optimized for lossy networks. Exchange data easily over any network topology automatically.
Reliable and resilient provisioning with no need for manual configuration.
Staex is highly secure and fault tolerant over insecure and large networks.
Micropayment Infrastructure
Staex can support any web-based payment protocol.
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